Election day is November 8 and early voting is from September 23 through November 5. 

Are you ready?

This is your opportunity to scrutinize candidates, weigh their potential effect on the nation, and then decide whether to vote them out or give them consent to govern. 


However, if you mismanage your voter registration in Virginia, you’ll likely be restricted to casting a provisional ballot only. Then, the local electoral board will decide whether your vote is counted. Is that what you want?

You should also vote at the earliest opportunity – doing so reduces the risk of someone else using your ballot. If that occurs, you’ll be limited to a provisional ballot.  

Register here or check that your registration is up to date:  Registration – Virginia Department of Elections

Know which congressional district you’re in and familiarize yourself with the candidates. Check here by your zip code: |

You can check out the candidates we have endorsed here or on the “Endorsements” tab above. Click on each candidate image on that page for a Candidate Comparison chart on our top six issues. For a complete list of the candidates by district vist the Young Republican Federation of Virginia page

Know where to vote. Find your registrar’s office for early voting here: Local Contact Information (

For election day, find your polling place here: Polling Place Lookup – Virginia Department of Elections

Getting deployed and need to vote by absentee ballot? The deadline to apply for an absentee ballot is October 28. Apply here: Citizen Portal – Virginia Department of Elections