Volunteer Opportunities – Earn Your Black T-Shirt!

Thank you for your interest in helping on 23 September at the Early voting sites listed in the table below.  You’ll see the sites where AVV is establishing a team to help GOP volunteers as they welcome voters and celebrate Democracy.  In this table, you’ll find the AVV lead member for each site as well as his contact phone number and email address.  The AVV lead is organizing the volunteer schedule. Please consider volunteering for a short time during this day.  The normal voting day runs from approximately 8 AM to 5 PM.  The busiest time for voting is normally 1100 – 1300.  Wear your Service hat, Veteran shirt, or patriotic gear!  Hope to see you there.

 CD01 LocalityAVV leadCellE-mail
1Chesterfield CountyBill Bunting804-571-1392bbunting@americanveteransvote.com
 CD02 Locality   
2Virginia Beach CityBruce Johnson757-560-173474coug@gmail.com
3Chesapeake CitySteve Trent/B Coburn757-478-1805, 757-407-0311trent@mindspring.com, wcoburn@charter.net
 CD04 Locality   
 Chesterfield CountyBill Bunting804-571-1392bbunting@americanveteransvote.com
4Colonial Hts. CityBill Flanagan804-400-8137bill4dst@msn.com
 CD07 Locality   
5Prince William County – Registrar’s OfcPaul Judge310.987.6731ptsjudge@gmail.com
6Stafford CountyDan Nefferdorf/Jeff Roosa. Janae Benest540-226-5489sappereagle@verizon.net
 CD10 Locality   
7Loudoun County – LeesburgNeal Anderson571-274-9010nealanderson@verizon.net
8Prince William County – LibraryRich Eagan/Jeff Fuller410-688-2038, 571-244-3638csmeagan@yahoo.com, jdfuller1946@gmail.com
 Prince William County – Registrar’s OfcPaul Judge310.987.6731ptsjudge@gmail.com
9Fauquier CountyFrank Wickersham540-351-0665fgwickersham@gmail.com
 AVV Key Personnel   
 AlexandriaBob Wood571-216-2642jrwood72@gmail.com
  Mike Flanagan804-349-6235mike.flanagan.usma86@gmail.com

We are always looking for our members to be engaged, whether a little or a lot. One of the ways we encourage engagement is through our many volunteer opportunities. Engaged Volunteers earn their AVV Black T-Shirt to proudly wear our “colors” to show their commitment to the AVV Mission.

AVV Volunteers at the GOP Advance

Check the sections below for any areas that interest you and send an email to volunteer@americanveteransvote.com

Volunteer Staff Positions

We have several volunteer positions available to help keep the organization going strong. Be sure to mention the specific position in which you are interested in your inquiry. Current openings include:


Operations Assistant (Event Coordinator) – Responsible for coordinating activities with outside agencies, vendors, etc., and providing support to the Event Lead from the Field Force for various activities throughout the election season. Must have good organizational skills and good people skills.

Operations Assistant (Calendar Manager) – Responsible for updating the strategy and operations calendars and cross-populating relevant data to the public-facing events calendar. Must be detail-focused and task-oriented. Familiarity with or a willingness to learn Google Calendars and entering data on a WordPress site are required.

Administrative Assistant – Assist the Chief Operations Officer in the performance of routine tasks. Good communication and computer skills are a must.

Volunteers In Action


Social Media Coordinator – Responsible for curating content on one or more of our Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Linked In, etc.) and driving engagement toward increasing our membership rolls. Familiarity with social media platforms is a must, including monitoring metrics and analytics on the backside of the platforms. Requires 2-3 hours per week, which includes attendance at one weekly staff meeting with the marketing team.

Membership Coordinator – Responsible for overseeing the onboarding of new members through our system. Includes overseeing automated email campaigns through Constant Contact or similar email marketing platforms, welcome calls, and customer relations activities related to member management. Good customer service skills and the ability to engage in telephone conversations are a must. Requires 2-3 hours per week, which includes attendance at one weekly staff meeting with the marketing team.

Staff Offsite

Field Force

AVV Field Force Volunteers in Action

Join our field force of engaged volunteers who are supporting candidates and AVV activities. We are currently building out our Congressional Action Teams (CAT) in each of the 11 Congressional DIstricts around the Commonwealth. Activities include phone banking, door-knocking, and other activities on the ground at the local level.

Support Your Local Candidate’s Campaign

We encourage our volunteers to be involved with their local candidates in their campaigning efforts.

Man an AVV Information Booth

We have event teams that man AVV information booths at events such as Gun Shows around the Commonwealth where we recruit members and other volunteers and pass out materials to inform Veterans and our supporters about issues that matter to us.

Volunteer at the Polls

Volunteer to work at your local polling station as anything from being a formal Poll Watcher to handing out sample ballots outside the station.