Origins and Experience

Grassroots origins

Gade (USMA ‘97) for US Senate 2020:

• Beginning during the early stages of the 2020 Virginia U.S. Senate campaign, over 40 of us organized as a completely volunteer group to mobilize veterans in support of Daniel Gade. Building around skill sets and time available, and without MOUs or organizational associations, we outlined our understanding of common cause policy goals, and “intent.” We independently developed and implemented a 12-week newsletter campaign, social media, Zoom meetings, fundraisers, doors/calls/texting, and voter registration.

Mitchell (Marine spouse) VA-2 Delegate:

• Soon after the November elections, a special election opened for the the Virginia 2nd District delegate with a three-week campaign, and election date of January 1, 2021. The same team gathered as a Quick Response Team to mobile veterans for Heather Mitchell, using the same independent approach and skills. We developed and distributed newsletter content (issue letter, endorsements, events), social media, podcast, and phone banks.


• An important lesson we learned in 2020 was that there are no veteran-oriented, politically focused organization supporting conservative campaigns in Virginia (and the U.S., generally). We swiftly resolved to organize, incorporate, and commence standing operations. Early in 2021, we formed our 527.