American Veterans Vote, Inc., is proud to endorse the following candidates running for office in the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2023. We appreciate all the candidates who have “come forth to save their country” in response to George Washington’s plea. As always we encourage Veterans to Vote, Volunteer, and Run! We especially want to encourage Veterans to vote as early as possible to secure their vote for the upcoming election. Early Voting begins September 22, 2023.

Congratulations to the current slate of AVV Endorsed Candidates. We truly appreciate your willingness to enter the political arena and fight for positive change through the ballot box.

Note: AVV currently only “Endorses” down to the Virginia State Senate and House level races. Our endorsement is a result of a process that includes a survey related to our strategic goals and an interview with the candidate and we don’t have the ability at this time to endorse below the House of Delegates level races. This does not mean that we do not support others in local elections for County Commissioners, City Councils, and local School Boards, etc. We make the distinction between endorsement and support between those levels at this time.