Code of Conduct


We welcome all who wish to join our organization. Although we are Veteran-focused, anyone who shares our values is welcome to join us in our mission to give a political voice to Veterans. There are no membership fees or dues to join AVV.

Why Join AVV?

We are a group of Veterans and like-minded supporters that we call Mission Partners that as individuals were largely uninvolved in politics. But we realized that our values were not being represented in that arena, so we banded together to do something about it. Our values are captured in our Code of Conduct. The only “cost” to join is that we require all members (both Veterans and our non-Veteran Mission Partners) to submit a “signed” copy of the Code of Conduct to serve as a reminder of those values. For our non-Veteran Mission Partners, you are acknowledging that you support Veterans in the mutual pursuit of these values, even though the form says “I am a Veteran.”

How to Join

To become a member of AVV, all you have to do is read and agree to abide by the Code of Conduct in the window below, and “sign” the form by filling in your personal information on page 2 of the fillable pdf. Then click the printer icon in the editor toolbar, click “save as a pdf” to download it on your computer, and email that file to members@americanveteransvote. com. That is it.

Or you can click the download button under the window, sign the form, and return it at your convenience by mailing it to 7330 Staples Mill Road, Suite #300, Richmond, VA 23228. If you choose this option, include your email address on the form so we can confirm to you that we received the form.

You will receive a confirmation email and be added to the member rolls. See the specific benefits of membership below the form.

Benefits of Membership

Membership in AVV, Inc. provides you:

  • Our email newsletters
  • Access to our daily Stand-To report emailed directly to your inbox
  • An electronic annual report
  • An invitation to participate as much as you desire with AVV, Inc.