Welcome to American Veterans Vote, Inc. (AVV), a Veteran-based Virginia 527 Political Action Committee dedicated to support of campaigns and candidates who demonstrate their commitment to Veterans, our Constitution, and a strong national defense. We believe in change through civic engagement, continuous education, advocacy, and the ballot box.

AVV is committed to three urgent objectives:

  • Pursue constructive support and positive advocacy to win where it matters most – in elections for state offices that empower our Constitutional Republic.
  • Network Veterans and mission partners to unleash Political Power to elect those to political office who support the welfare of Veterans and their families, defend our Constitution, and seek to strengthen our Nation’s security.
  • Educate and advocate for the accurate and balanced understanding of our Nation’s history and civic life, our obligation to pursue a more perfect union, and our responsibility to defend liberty and freedom from harmful neglect. 

Using a rapidly expanding “network of networks,” we accomplish these objectives by:

  • Linking networks of local Veterans and volunteer supporters to political campaigns and candidates who align with our objectives and core values.
  • Empowering political action as a standing organization through superior information, adaptive processes, lean organization, and accurate, timely education.
  • Teaming with the best mission partners to align complementary capabilities, achieve agility and speed of action, and field winning strategies and candidates to WIN ELECTIONS.     

On active duty, we all consciously served beyond politics as we swore an oath to Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States, not a party or a political leader. Now as citizens and Veterans, all members of AVV, Inc. understand the urgency to step forward once again in Service. 

We believe the oath we took did not end with our departure from military service, but continues through today.  Our nation struggles to keep our constitutional republic intact, to heal and unite communities, and restore love and respect for our great nation and people. The question is, “If not me, who?  If not now, when?” Get off the sidelines. JOIN US.